Fox Wilde

Live Review: Fox Wilde at Peppermint Club in West Hollywood, CA

Material: Fox Wilde is a diverse group of musicians coming together to grab bits and pieces of historical music ranging from Prince to Elton John to David Bowie. The songs have a pop/R&B feel with very rhythmic and likeable melodies that sink into your soul and make you want to sing along. “Soap,” their opening song, was extremely impressive as this group of musicians stepped onto the stage with few effects and a thumping rhythm section that had the crowd yelling and cheering. A very funky tune with an awesome bass line made this a favorite right off the bat.

Musicianship: All the players are very good, and not just at their instruments; the background vocals kept the songs alive and fresh. Caroline Cirone is a grade A bass player who jelled with drummer Fer Fuentes, most notably on “Lonely Inn,” making these two the standout rhythm section of the night. Michael Lerios is a good, confident guitar player who needs few effects to get his point across. Demetri Lerios has a fine voice that’s a raw mix of gritty soul and subtle psych. He was almost flawless throughout the night. This singer was there to have a good time and his abundant confidence fueled his vocals throughout the set.

Performance: Very strong. The band came out firing on all cylinders and kept it going throughout the presentation, even showing off a little bit on “I Want You.” Demitri kept things interesting by engaging the crowd from time to time. The tight rhythm section were always in sync and grooving and enabled him to interact with the crowd more closely. The most notable event of the night was Fox Wilde’s presentation of a tune called “Life Mellow” in tribute to a fallen friend. For that song, Demitri went behind the piano and the band celebrated their friend’s life in a respectful manner usually reserved for the big boys.

Summary: Although some of the songs are a bit high-schoolish, the tunes are well structured and written from the heart. Breaking through with enthusiasm was “Get Your Love” and the crowdpleaser “Let’s Dance,” which went off with a tight bass and drum instrumental that everyone grooved on. Surprisingly, the band snuck in a curveball as the instrumental eased into David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance,” which was the best song of the night. Little surprises like that kept the set fresh and sparkling and catapulted Fox Wilde to best band on the bill.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: FoxWilde.com
Players: Demitri Lerios, vocals; Michael Lerios, guitar, vocals; Caroline Cirone, bass, vocals; Fer Fuentes, drums