The Lows

The Lows at the Token Lounge in Detroit, MI

Material: The Lows deliver a smooth, yet raucous brand of rock and roll that can’t be ignored. There are plenty of heavy grooves and catchy hooks to be had. From the fallen musical heroes’ tribute “Purple” to the white line feverish “Road Trippin’”; this is a band for all seasons. Their infectious Foo Fighters-meets-Soundgarden energy mixed with good oldfashioned Motor City muscle packs a lean and memorable punch.

Musicianship: One can’t help but feel that you are in the presence of veterans from the moment this group hits the stage. Frontman Coppola takes charge from the jump and has a mid-range vocal delivery that is raw, yet articulate. He’s also a great hype man that is an effective conduit between the band and the audience. Guitarists Behnan and McNall balance their roles of lead and rhythm effectively. And bassist Abel and drummer Hewins keep a tight lid on the band’s brand of controlled chaos.

Performance: Simply put, this unit was on fire. Coppola really knows how to work a crowd and engaged them at every turn. They performed for a packed and enthusiastic house that seemed poised to explode. And they delivered songs that flirted with metal, but ultimately were more rhythmic and densely syncopated. The sum, in many ways, was greater than its individual parts. But a strong appeal of The Lows was their individual
personalities. Coppola was the jovial emcee and kept the mood light and upbeat, while Abel (aka “Wolf”) portrayed the cool yet intrepid wild man behind the bass. And then you had Behnan who was kind of the studious and technical shredder. Add the combustible additions of McNall and Hewins and there was something for everyone.

Summary: The Lows are a rough and ready troupe that, in a lot of ways, offers hope for skeptics that may espouse “there’s no more ‘real’ rock out there.” These guys bring it in spades and leave it all there on the stage. While they are following in the tradition of many Detroit mainstays, like The Stooges and The MC5, The Lows are
forging their own sound based on the classic pillars of good songwriting, great arrangements and a dynamic stage show.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: keepitonthelows.com
Players: Angelo Coppola, lead vocals; Nick Behnan, guitar and vocals; Brandon McNall, guitar; Johnny Abel, bass; Duane Hewins, drums.