Live Review: Feyer at Mercury Lounge in New York, NY

Material: Solo artist Feyer doesn’t adhere to one genre, or even two. He not only varies styles from song to song, but alternates them within a song, combining electronica, synthpop, alternative and hard rock, just to name a few. His early influences are from classic rock acts like Queen, Pink Floyd and Elton John, later embracing heavier acts like Metallica and Rage Against The Machine. Along with his classical background, Feyer combines these elements to carve out a unique statement. He strives for global themes; though they are highly sweeping statements, they are universal. In “The Curse Of Common Man” Feyer is the “everyman” who can only attribute his shortcomings to the modern human condition: If the sky comes crashing down / on your head while I’m around / then you’ll know that all I am/is the curse of common man. Though highly infectious, the chorus melody sounds a bit reminiscent of another well-known song, a common pitfall for any songwriter, but nonetheless, it’s a standout piece. In “Wasted Time,” Feyer laments the misuse of time: Wasted time / falling far behind / out of line with my many lies and the crimes of my life / wasted time. The song opens with a Middle Eastern sounding synth instrumental, immediately pulling you in, then morphing into a full-blown FEYER rock treatment. The chorus marks a total change of rhythm, offering up an anthem-like feel.

Musicianship: The backing band keeps pace with an ever-changing landscape, while also playing to pre-recorded tracks. Feyer’s vocals cut through the many instrumental components, delivering his message in a concise manner. He jumps from keyboards to guitar with equal fluidity.

Performance: Already possessing a keen sense of the theatrical, derived from a combination of the arrangements and his performance, Feyer threw in a few stage antics to keep it interesting. For any artist experimenting with so many elements, coupled with lofty messages, there is a danger of pretension or heavy-handedness. Feyer managed to dodge those designations with his sincere delivery and overall appealing vibe.

Summary: Feyer’s music is downright cool, creative and inclusive. In spite of the artsy presentation, his melting pot of styles forms a cohesive unit. Exploring additional musical outlets will help him to further grow his audience.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: feyermusic.com
Players: Feyer, vocals, production, tracks, keyboards, guitar; Sarah Langer, guitar; Karel Ullner, bass; Jesse Featherstone, keyboard, Michael Bouteneff, drums