Danielle Taylor

Live Review: Danielle Taylor at Lyric Hyperion Theater & Cafe in Silverlake, CA

Material: Energetic indie elements, combined with mid-tempo, piano-heavy anthems and a passion to uplift her listeners, gives Danielle Taylor a refreshing authenticity that’s been lacking in the pop scene. In her most recent release, 1440, familiar pop elements similar to that of Sara Bareilles, Natasha Bedingfield, Train and even Billy Joel flow throughout each song to appeal to an array of generations. Taylor confidently surprises listeners with personal reflections and odes to classic musical styles weaved between “lovey-dovey” and feel-good singalong tracks throughout her recorded works.

Musicianship: Taylor’s spunky yet warm vocal tone doesn’t overpower the light, eclectic instrumentation that oozes from her tracks, which is something that tends to happen with vocalists who sing with all their heart and soul. Her easygoing personality and genuine honesty flow throughout the lyrics of her songs to give off a sweet early-Taylor-Swift-mixed-with-a sassy-Pink vibe.

Performance: Taylor’s live performance exceeds what is heard on her recorded material as her confidence radiates throughout her live set. While her quirky crooning of inspirational anthems and heartfelt moments are pleasing to the ear, it’s her honest power ballads, like “Is It Ok?” and “A Borrowed Dime” as well as her stripped down rendition of Sia’s “Chandelier,” that go deep beneath the surface of Taylor’s happy-go-lucky girl next door persona. This is an artist who strives to make her live performances as intimate and personal as possible. Her complete openness reveals her wacky personality and real-life experiences. From admitting her obsession with Disney in her cover of the Ducktales theme song, to sharing tender loving moments, to opening up about how she needed her ego to be bruised in order to become a better artist, Taylor’s show was the musical equivalent of going on a coffee date with a close friend.

Summary: Danielle Taylor has interesting musical and personality qualities that can be assets in her career. Her songs have an infectious yet meaningful quality that has fared well for songstresses such as Colbie Caillat, Rachel Platten and Ingrid Michaelson. Overall, her instrumentation and vocal techniques, combined with a bold yet relatable personality, give her a slight edge over your average pop starlet.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: danielletaylormusic.com
Players: Danielle Taylor, vocals, piano; Shane Considine, drums; JD Carrera, guitar; Brian Kimble, bass; Teresa de Gennaro, backing vocals.