Live Review: Binx at The Mint in Los Angeles, CA

Material: With her beehive updo, yellow and black latex getup, and sweet-as-honey onstage persona, Binx is the ultimate “bumble-gum” pop artist. The bumblebee advocate is as passionate about the hard-working (and officially endangered) insects as she is her music, and she kept the Mint audience dancing away throughout her animated set for Hunnypot Radio’s Halloween show. Infectious, sing-song-y tunes like “How Do You Like Your Eggs?,” “Phantom,” “The Hills” and “Milk,” (which is arguably her best work in terms of songwriting and melody), allow Binx to very easily fit in with the Ellie Goulding, Zara Larsson and Bebe Rexha-listening crowd.

Performance: Binx definitely knows how to work an audience, buzzing around (no pun intended) the stage with the confidence and self-assuredness of a seasoned pop starlet. If there’s one thing the self-described “African bee” knows, it’s marketing, as she never strays away from the “bee” theme in her fashion, branding or music, and she absolutely exudes professionalism in terms of her showmanship and presentation.

A savvy businesswoman, she made a point to direct the audience to all her social channels during her performance, even offering cupcakes to those who signed up for her mailing list. You can tell Binx is genuinely interested in engaging new fans, and with social media numbers as impressive as hers, you can tell she’s spent a lot of time and effort assembling a “hive” that’s always hungry for her new music.

This performer’s stylist is also deserving of kudos, as each layer of clothing that she peeled away during her set revealed yet another beautiful black and/or yellow ensemble. Though it was a relatively short set, Binx performed with unbridled passion and raw energy, and she even brought up boyfriend/producer/performer, Mada Atoms, for a tender moment to perform her song “Neighbors” with her, inspiring a lot of “awws” from the costumed crowd.

Musicianship: Binx moves and performs like it’s second nature, and her hooky tunes and loveable nature were complemented even further by the tasteful guitar work of Christopher Watson. Even though there were only two people onstage, their energy, fun-loving spirit, and undeniable chemistry lit up the entire room.

Summary: Ultimately, if you’re looking for your next party anthem or dance hit, make it a point to crank up the Queen Bee herself, Binx.

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Players: Binx, vocals, guitar; Christopher Watson, guitar