Celebrating Women’s History Month

Proel North America Celebrates Ida Maria Grassi’s 80-Year Legacy of Tradition, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

This Women's History Month, they proudly honor the trailblazing spirit of Ida Maria Grassi, the visionary behind Grassi wind instruments.

Ida Maria Grassi's legacy is one of innovation and determination. In 1945, despite societal barriers, she carved her path as an Italian instrument builder and entrepreneur, founding a brand synonymous with excellence. Grassi's contributions transcend generations, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. Her story exemplifies the resilience and creativity of women in every field.

This month, they reflect on her invaluable impact and celebrate her enduring legacy.

For more information about the story of Ida Maria Grassi, please visit idamariagrassi.com/history/

For more information about Ida Maria Grassi wind instruments including North American pricing, and to explore the complete Proel North America product catalog, please visit https://www.proelnorthamerica.com/collections/wind-instruments

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