Live Review: 18th & Addison at Harvard & Stone in Hollywood, CA

Material: New Jersey-based duo 18th & Addison sophisticatedly blend elements of rock and pop that span decades. In their latest release, Old Blues / Modern Love, familiar pop-punk elements derived from beloved bands like Paramore and Good Charlotte are apparent in combination with anthemic modern radio rock inclusions in the vein of Neon Trees, and funk punk influences from the likes of The Ramones. A listener’s interest can easily be piqued from their focus on male-female harmonies and sharing of lead vocals.

Musicianship: Both strive to make it known to their audience that they are more than willing to put in the hard work to fine-tune their skill sets. Kunzman showcases long-term guitar training and vocal precision, while DiBenedetto’s poised yet energetic persona radiates through confident lyrics and impressive bass riffs. In recording, their instrumental abilities are reversed, which proves that they are not afraid to venture into learning the other’s strengths and become more well-rounded musicians.

Performance: 18th & Addison held the audience’s attention from their first guitar strum until their last drum hit. They focused on introducing fans old and new to the sounds of their current EP, while also including some throwbacks from their previously released work. Overall, their setlist was chock-full of upbeat tunes and earworm lyrics.

The band not only strives to put on an exciting show, but they also make a point to get their audience involved in intimate musical connections. Throughout their set, they were not afraid to pump up the crowd with entertaining banter, encouraging the crowd to sing along with them. It honestly took a lot of willpower to not want to bust out some fun dance moves, due to the energy radiating from the stage.

Summary: 18th & Addison are no strangers to traveling around to promote their music, so don’t expect them to be shying away from the live performance scene anytime soon. They showcase a professionalism that radiates throughout their recorded work, and even more so in their stage presence. They are here to not only release meaningful-yet-ear-catching music, but to eventually become a household name.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: 18thandaddison.com

Players: Tom Kunzman, vocals, guitar and bass; Kait DiBenedetto, vocals, guitar and keyboard; Brian Dylla, drums