Signing Story: Rozzi Crane--Adam Levine Signs Dynamic Young Singer

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Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 12.03.10 PMSinger-songwriter, Rozzi Crane, originally planned to move to Los Angeles, CA, with the express purpose of establishing a music career. In a fateful move, however, she found out about the Popular Music Program at the USC Thornton School of Music and decided to attend classes while pursuing her musical aspirations.

“It was this unbelievable school and the environment there ended up working more in my favor, than had I come to L.A. on my own,” says Crane.
The budding vocalist immediately formed a band with classmates and began performing around USC, eventually tackling the city’s circuit. She also earned background vocal duties for high profile acts like Don Henley on the recommendation of her professors. But, it was a class shared with former Phantom Planet member, Jacques Brautbar, that may have been most impactful.

“I was in a songwriting class with [Brautbar] and he came up to me and said he loved my writing,” says Crane. “He asked me if I wanted to try writing together for some other artists, which I had never done, but I agreed.”
After a couple of attempts at collaborating, the duo began working with Phantom Planet’s Sam Farrar. Crane would sing on the demos that the team recorded and one of these found its way to Maroon 5’s manager, Jordan Feldstein. Crane then met with Feldstein and discussed the idea of working together in the future. And as Crane puts it, “A couple of days later, I received an email from [Maroon 5’s Adam Levine], who basically said he didn’t have a label, but would love to start one if I would be on it.”

“[Maroon 5’s Adam Levine] said basically he didn’t have a label, but would love to start one if I would be on it.”

Ironically, Crane had decided to forego her goal of signing to a label six months prior; deciding she could move forward independently. The prospect of being the first artist signed to Adam Levine’s label, however, was too unique to pass up.
“This kind of direct attention and relationship with the head of a label is rare. I’m so grateful it was the first deal offered to me and such a special one at that.”
Rozzi Crane’s debut for 222 Records will hit shelves soon.

–Albert Vega