L-Acoustics Unveils L-ISA 3.2, Adding 16 Free Outputs in L-ISA Studio and Enhanced Mixhalo Integration

L-Acoustics announces important updates to L-ISA, its best-in-class immersive production platform for the live sound and music creation markets. Powerful new enhancements include 16 free outputs in L-ISA Studio, integration of Mixhalo’s AI-powered translation services with L-ISA Processor II subscription model, and more.  L-ISA Studio

The addition of 16 free outputs to L-ISA Studio will facilitate immersive monitoring setups at minimal cost, a feature with particular appeal to theatre practitioners and educational institutions around the world. In theatrical environments, L-ISA 3.2 enables immersive playback opportunities for plays and musicals, making spectacularly modern productions accessible to all creatives. Meanwhile, the latest L-ISA update opens new opportunities in secondary and higher education environments, where immersive audio is often taught in theory but difficult to implement in a cost-efficient manner.

Mixhalo Subscription-ready 

L-ISA 3.2 is Mixhalo subscription-ready - each new L-ISA Processor II ships with Mixhalo cloud-based features ready to activate via one simple subscription and usage-based pricing, Mixhalo is an on-device real time streaming platform for live events at scale, allowing event organizers to create personalized experiences that visitors or audiences can access on their own device, from anywhere within the venue.

Event organizers and service providers can activate AI-powered Mixhalo Translate to create inclusive and accessible experiences across multiple spaces, where thousands of users can access live, simultaneous content in dozens of languages. Mixhalo Live gives the ability to stream up to 16 channels of personalized, immersive content directly to attendees’ smartphones. Mixhalo Moments allows audiences or visitors to record short videos, using professional quality audio from Mixhalo for their social stream. All features are easily configurable via Mixhalo Control, rendering management of multiple audio streams easy and accessible via a web-based platform.

Select beta phase partners in Americas, EMEA, and APAC can activate Mixhalo features right away, with progressively wider availability expected for later in 2024.