KIT Plugins and legendary Blackbird Studio are releasing BB N73, the first-ever 1073 emulation from the world-renowned studio based in Nashville, Tenn. KIT’s BB N73 is designed to sound and function just like the hardware in use at Blackbird Studio, offering one of the only real-world emulations that includes a separate controllable masterbus, inspired by the master channel from Blackbird’s 8058 console and built to sound and feel like the 1073 master buss amp. KIT’s BB N73 follows their award-winning BB N105 and BB Mo-Q. BB N73 is available now for a limited-time introductory price of $75, by visiting, https://kitplugins.com/products/bb-n73. Users that purchased the BB N105 V1 will receive BB N73 free for a year.

The 1073 is one of the most iconic channels in recorded music history and has played a critical role in shaping music’s sound since the 1970s. Popularized for its identifiable analog character and simple eloquent controls, the 1073 is known for its’ fat, warm, colorful tones, and has been used to create some of the greatest chart-topping albums by some of the most-well known artists in history. 

Featured by Forbes (HERE) and named in Mix Magazine’s list of pro audio companies to watch in 2023, KIT Plugins has helped countless producers, engineers and creatives enhance their sound with their “revolutionary new software” (American Songwriter). 

For the BB N73, KIT’s team of engineers worked closely with Blackbird Studio Owner John McBride and the Blackbird team to capture the best characteristics from eight vintage 1073 units, in use at Blackbird Studio and hand-selected by McBride. Incorporating McBride’s favorite characteristics, each 1073 was analyzed to ensure every audible detail was accounted for, capturing the essence of all of them, including everything from cables and modifications to age and irregularities. 

“Building the BB N73 has been one of our biggest projects yet. With other entries in the space, it needed to be special. As a user of many different 1073 plug-ins, I always found the models to be more reminiscent of a brand new unit than a vintage one, and I wanted to fill that niche with Blackbird Studio. We analyzed every vintage 1073 at Blackbird Studio and selected eight of the best units. John and I then selected our favorite aspects of each unit so our development team could build what we believe is the perfect vintage style 73 channel,” shared Matt Kleinman, Founder, KIT Plugins. 

“Like many, I gravitated towards the 1073 early in my career, for its unique sound, saturation and tonal capabilities. The BB N73 brings everything I love about the original unit to life in your computer, from the legendary preamp and EQ to the iconic big red knob,” he added. 


  • Console frequency response accurately sampled from 10Hz to 96kHz.
  • Input and output trim to provide additional gain staging.
  • Master Buss: Emulates the vibe and mojo of pushing into a master buss of a console.
  • Auto Gain: Enhances the usability, as you add gain on the mic pre, the fader level now adjusts the output automatically to maintain dB level.
  • Continuous Gain optionally removes the notched movement of the mic pre
  • Preamp Gain gives you more control of the gain level.
  • Tooltip displays the exact amount (to the nearest tenth of a dB) of gain added or subtracted on each EQ band and mic preamp.
  • Resizable GUI allows you to click and drag the bottom right corner to change the size of the plugin.
  • Fader Color allows you to change the color of the fader between black, silver, red, blue, and teal.
  • Oversampling allows you to adjust the sampling level from x2, x4, and x8 for higher definition or to relieve your CPU of intensive processing.

The BB N73 Plugin runs on MAC and PC, supports mono and stereo, and is compatible with all major DAWs that support the following formats; VST3 (Steinberg Virtual Studio Technology 3), AU (macOS Audio Unit), and AAX (Avid Audio Extension). View the full comprehensive overview here: https://kitplugins.com/products/bb-n73