John Mayer at the Kia Forum

Sharing selections from all eight of his records, John Mayer did not disappoint at his Forum show in Los Angeles. The evening included favorites, “Clarity,” “New Light” and “Gravity,” as colorful retro graphics and scenic imagery streamed behind him onstage, along with intermittent lighting effects and filtered spotlights. The California favorite delivered gorgeous guitar and vocals, backed by his stellar nine-piece band.

Kicking off his with “Last Train Home,” Mayer opening to a roaring crowd that swayed to the beat and sang along, with every space between lyrics filled with cheers. Gentle ballad, “Shot in the dark” followed suit, with Mayer sharing a soaring guitar solo. His incredible falsetto was on display in “Who Says?” “Stop The Train,” and a cover of Prince’s “Baby Baby Baby” that transitioned into “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room,” showcasing beautiful guitar unison with Harris. Palmer and Ricketts’ vocals were highlighted in “Last Train Home,” “Helpless” and “Belief,” with dreamy delivery in “Assassin,” bluesy breakdown of “In The Blood,” and their warmth on “Gravity.”

The band of seasoned pros demonstrated their prowess at one point jumping into an impromptu snippet of Joe Jackson’s “Steppin’ Out” and, while some of the intimacy of Mayer’s music seemed lost in the size of the venue, he put on a fantastic show. The crowd appeared happily engaged throughout the night and trademark guitar stylings appeared on his delicious solo in “Changing,” with an ethereal opening and intricate work in “My Stupid Mouth,” followed by another melodic guitar solo that evolved into angsty taffy voicings.

Phllinganes added great keyboard work on “Stop This Train,” pulsating, rhythmic track, “Rosie” – and shared a fabulous solo on “Helpless.” “In The Blood” showcased beautiful string voicings and closer, “Gravity,” shared a stunning dreamlike guitar opening, awesome fatback drumming, and a great overall use of space to add to the lyrical tension. “Gravity” had full sing-along engagement, with phone lights flashing, and the encore included an easy-feeling performance of “Dear Marie,” followed by a mashup of “New Light” – leaving the energetic crowd upbeat and satisfied.

Photo Credit:  Alex Kluft