Jakubi at The Soda Bar

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The Melbourne-based Quintet are bringing their unique blend of ska-reggae, elements of hip-hop and beautifully crafted harmonies to the U.S. in support of their hit single “Couch Potato." The band, two brothers, two cousins and a close friend, are going on a tour from coast to coast with over 20 dates currently scheduled.

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The Soda Bar's intimate setting allowed lead vocalist Jerome to shine. He conveys soulful emotions with his voice and body language. Jerome adds a talk box to his arsenal that brings a slight touch of classic rock biting through the smooth percussion. The band takes advantage of all of their members being multi-instrumentalists by switching instruments often during their set. Their transitions are well-practiced to the point that it's hard to notice when they've switched spots on stage.

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Jakubi will release their EP in the U.S. soon. In the meantime, check out their feature video for “Couch Potato." The Australian police stopped the shoot for the video because the crew was towing a couch without a permit and featured Jakubi on Australia’s TV show Highway Patrol.

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For a list of tour dates and more information, please visit jakubi.com.au.
To view the video “Couch Potato,” please visit smarturl.it/CouchPotatoVid.

Photos and words by Joshua W. of Stand Up Alone Productions

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