It's Here! George Massenburg Introduces MDWDRC3 Plugin

The original developer of the parametric EQ, George Massenburg, has announced the high-performance MDWDRC3-Native Multichannel Dynamic Range Controller plugin. Continuing to set new professional standards for much-improved transparent dynamics control, it is now available in the immersive audio space, with extensive professional controls for AAX Native, VST3 and AU applications. A full immersive demo of the MDWDRC3 is available.

Building on the initial success of the MDWDRC2-Native mono/stereo plugin, Massenburg DesignWorks now offers two versions of the popular plugin with upgrades from the original MDWDRC2-Native to MDWDRC3-Native:

MDWDRC2 - Mono/Stereo (compatible with the original MDWDRC2-Native and including new controls found in the MDWDRC3)

MDWDRC3 - Mono thru all Multichannel (up to 9.1.6) formats.

George's recent experience in mixing immersive music tracks has led him to re-engineer the MDWDRC2-Native for multichannel operation. Also working closely with highly respected motion picture professional mixers, the interface and workflow of the new MDWDRC3 has been forged in fire. 

MDWDRC3 includes an innovative approach to allow a user to combine flexible individual Discrete dynamics control of each channel with the overall program Loudness Dynamics(tm) Processing of all channels combined. This provides flexible, total, unprecedented dynamic range control for any type of program. Individual detectors on each channel include 'Steered' weighting for each channel, extremely useful when fixing immersive stems where single or multiple channels must be handled independently.

Our customers consistently tell us that the MDWDRC can control dynamic range transparently like no other plugin, check out the reviewer and customer quotes on our website.

MDWDRC3-Native Multichannel full license is available from the MDW web store for $599. Upgrades from MDWDRC2-Native are available for $229 and free upgrades from the original MDWRC2-Native to the new MDWDRC2 version 2, that includes Discrete and Loudness controls as well as Steering controls, are available to existing customers.

Learn more and purchase: https://massenburgdesignworks.com/products/mdwdrc2-mdwdrc3/