Musexpo Conference will honor Goldstein with Seymour Stein - Global A&R Award

MUSEXPO (www.musexpo.net) the renowned annual global music industry conference and showcase event, often dubbed the “United Nations of Music,” recently announced the establishment of the inaugural and annual Seymour Stein - Global A&R Award. The award will be presented by Richard Gottherer, Seymour’s longtime friend and co-Founder of Sire Records, and Seymour’s daughter Mandy Stein.

This prestigious accolade will honor the illustrious career of Wendy Goldstein, Co-President of Republic Records, one of the world’s most accomplished A&R executives. The award ceremony will take place during an A&R Worldwide gala dinner at the MUSEXPO conference, which takes place March 17 - 20 in Burbank, CA, “The Media Capital of The World,” on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, during an A&R Worldwide gala dinner post MUSEXPO, will mark the beginning of a tradition that celebrates excellence in A&R worldwide, and the indomitable spirit of discovery in music.

Seymour Stein, a legend in the music industry known for his discovery of iconic artists, serves as the inspiration behind this award. His unparalleled signings, including Madonna, Talking Heads, The Ramones, The Pretenders, Depeche Mode, The Cure, and many others have left an indelible mark on the music landscape. His dedication to the art of A&R makes him an enduring figure in the music industry, and this award seeks to celebrate and perpetuate his legacy.

Wendy Goldstein, who will be celebrating 30 years in A&R next year, is unquestionably one of the industry’s most gifted A&R executives. She has overseen the careers of renowned artists such as The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Jonas Brothers, John Legend, Hailee Steinfeld, and many more. Her journey in the music business began as an assistant in the A&R department of Epic Records, followed by impactful stints at Geffen Records where she personally signed the Roots, Common, GZA, Mos Def, and The Bloodhound Gang. She then joined Priority Records/Capitol where she orchestrated a label deal with Disturbing the Peace and oversaw projects for Snoop Dogg, Chingy, Latoya Luckett, and others.

Goldstein joined Republic Records in 2009, initially as an A&R Consultant, later assuming the role of Senior Vice President of A&R in 2011. In 2014, she was appointed Executive Vice President and Head of Urban A&R, solidifying her place as a key figure in the label's leadership.

The Seymour Stein - Global A&R Award will honor Wendy Goldstein’s outstanding contributions to the music industry, highlighting her remarkable A&R skills and her dedication to nurturing talent.

Sat Bisla, President & Founder of A&R Worldwide and MUSEXPO, stated, “Wendy Goldstein’s career is a testament to her unwavering commitment to the art of A&R and her exceptional talent for identifying and developing artists who shape the music industry and impact global pop culture. Wendy’s unique abilities, instincts and musical foresight make her truly remarkable and impactful as an A&R afficionado. She is the embodiment of the spirit of Seymour Stein’s legacy.”

For further information about the Seymour Stein - Global A&R Award, please contact Sat Bisla at [email protected] or call 323.782.0770.


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