Cutting-Edge Active Loudspeakers Redefining Performance and Versatility

Los Angeles, February 12, 2024 – Proel, a leading Italian manufacturer of professional and consumer audio solutions, is proud to unveil its latest breakthrough in sound technology: the DIVA active loudspeaker series. Launching in 12” (DIVA 12A) and 15” (DIVA15A) active powered models, the DIVA loudspeaker series is designed for unparalleled performance and adaptability, these digitally processed loudspeakers feature advanced connectivity options and a host of intuitive features to meet the demands of modern audio professionals.

Crafted for Exceptional Sound Quality and Durability

The DIVA12A and DIVA15A boast a remarkable combination of power and precision, housed within lightweight yet incredibly durable polypropylene cabinets. Powered by a robust 1000W CLASS-D amplifier with SMPS, these systems deliver high headroom and accurate dynamic control for maximum undistorted output power.

Advanced Processing for Superior Sound

Equipped with a sophisticated pre-amp section featuring a high-performance DSP engine and linear phase FIR filters, the DIVA12A and DIVA15A ensure a smooth response and high-definition sound reproduction. With an intuitive user interface featuring an LCD color display and single-knob control, users can effortlessly select from five available EQ presets (MUSIC, LIVE, DJ, MONITOR, SPEECH), allowing for seamless adaptation to any application.

Versatile Connectivity Options

These groundbreaking loudspeakers offer unparalleled flexibility with multiple inputs and BLUETOOTH connectivity. With a built-in 3-channel mixer and two WIRELESS USB inputs compatible with PROEL U24 microphone systems, the DIVA12A and DIVA15A can be utilized in various applications without the need for external equipment. The BLUETOOTH interface enables mono or stereo streaming, providing added convenience and versatility.

Key Features:

  • 2-way active processed loudspeaker system
  • High-definition compression driver with titanium diaphragm
  • Wide-coverage 90° x 60° constant directivity horn
  • Long-excursion woofer for deep bass response
  • Built-in 3-channel mixer with MIC/LINE inputs and EQ controls
  • High-definition DSP with 24-bit converters and FIR filters
  • 5 DSP presets for optimal sound tuning
  • BLUETOOTH audio interface with STEREO LINK
  • Color LCD display for easy DSP editing
  • Lightweight, compact, and ultra-durable PP cabinet
  • Ergonomic handles for effortless transportation
  • Slanted shape for optional use as a stage monitor
  • Four M10 flying points for versatile mounting options

"The PROEL DIVA12A and DIVA15A represent a new standard in active loudspeaker technology," said Antonio Ferranti, President at Proel North America. "With their unparalleled sound quality, versatile connectivity options, and intuitive user interface, these systems empower audio professionals to deliver exceptional performances in any setting."


The PROEL DIVA12A and DIVA15A active loudspeaker systems were unveiled at the NAMM Show on January 25, 2024, and are available now through authorized Proel North America dealers throughout the USA and Canada.

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