McKee and AUGUST 08

McKee Teams Up With AUGUST 08

Grammy-nominated songwriter and artist Bonnie McKee has joined forces with emerging 88rising/Red Bull Records artist AUGUST 08 to reimagine the Billie Eilish and Khalid song “Lovely.” The song was released on June 28 via CURE8 Records as part of the label’s “disCOVERED” series.

Listen to Bonnie McKee and AUGUST 08’s spirited rendition of “Lovely,” here.

Bonnie McKee says: “When I set out to record a cover song, I wanted something lyrically striking, so Billie and Khalid were my first choice! ‘Lovely’ is a haunting story, evoking adolescent nights of sneaking out and wandering aimlessly, alone with your thoughts and fears, just you, your shadow, and your footsteps. It feels like an attempted escape from suburbia, finding a quiet moment to indulge in the frustration of desire, the sting of loneliness, and the romance of longing to flee the constraints of routine and authority. August 08 was the perfect match to reimagine this gem with, and Jamie Reed and I approached the production with a lot of movement and warmth, so it feels like an ethereal summer night reverie.”

AUGUST 08 adds: “Working with Bonnie is always a pleasure and I’m glad I got to be a part of this special cover of a beautiful song. Excited for this to come out!”

CURE8 was created to release singles and compilations of well-known artists covering well-known hits under the series "disCOVERED."