Introducing 'SongChecks' Platform for Independent Producers

Songchecks (songchecks.com) is a curated platform for independent music makers of all levels and locations to get affordable written feedback on their songs and mixes from the world’s leading producers, mixers, and mastering engineers across all genres: from pop to metal, rock, country, hip hop and everything in between.

Mix/song consultants on SongChecks include Darrell Thorp, Lu Diaz, Rafa Sardina, F. Reid Shippen, Mark Needham, Ali Stone, Howie Weinberg, Billy Decker, MaddMix, Steve Thompson, Tim Palmer, Tucker Martine, and numerous others.

(See the full list of available pros here: songchecks.com/producers)

SongChecks is the only dedicated mix/song review platform available to indie producers and mixers. SongChecks focuses on the rapidly increasing number of producers and mixers releasing their own music these days. It's said around 40,000 new songs are uploaded to Spotify every day. The vast bulk of these songs are selfproduced. This is the SongChecks core market.

Rates for mix/song feedback vary between USD$130-$220 and all the feedback is provided via written notes on the song which will be emailed to the indie producer, mixer, or songwriter within a week of the booking being made.

The experts will tell aspiring music makers what they can do to their song or mix themselves in order to make it sound better.

The objective of SongChecks is to empower indie music makers to become more proficient at the craft of writing, self-producing, or mixing their own music - or the music of others. Along the way, they’ll get their songs and mixes heard by some of the most important figures in the music industry: the hitmakers.

SongChecks is the initiative of independent songwriter, mixer, and digital media entrepreneur, Zolton Zavos.

SongChecks.com Instagram: songchecksmusic