Product Profile: ILIO Elevator Patch Library

The Elevator patch library from ILIO is a brand-new add-on for Spectrasonics Omnisphere created by sound designer Michael (MIDIhead) Babbitt. The Elevator patch library is specifically designed to work with Spectrasonics Omnisphere and will not work with any other software-based synthesizer. Omnisphere is one of the most powerful software-based synthesizers ever created and is the perfect platform to unlock Elevator’s full potential as a sound design and performance tool.

Many of the patches in Elevator have been designed using Michael Babbitt’s Tetra patch concept that allows you to mix and match and combine up to four different layers of sounds from a single patch.

The key feature of Elevator’s Tetra patch concept is in the use of Omnisphere’s four patch layers. Each layer has its own characteristics and is designed to be soloed, combined, or played all together. This gives the user the ability to “thin out,” “thicken,” or come up with different tones by simply turning off or on any of the four layers. The modified patches can then be saved for future use using the Spectrasonics onboard patch librarian.

Another key feature of Elevator is the included MIDI controls. Modulation wheel “elevates” the sound for transitional purposes, like builds and transitions. For example: You can control parameters such as pitch, depth, filter, speed, delay, reverb amount, waveform shape, symmetry, hard sync, FM Ring Modulation, movement, and color––all programmed for you. You can also assign as many controllers as you have MIDI-capable control, coupled with available modulation routings in Omnisphere. In addition to modulation wheel, all the patches in Elevator have been programed with aftertouch, allowing you to add pulsing and rhythmic effects as well as add additional depth and character that opens the possibility to create some unique and interesting theatrical effects and hits. Many of the sounds in Elevator have a more modern flavor that allow you to easily create exotic sound design effects that are perfect for film and television, gaming, and other applications that require unique one-of-a-kind sonic textures.

Elevator currently ships with 112 unique custom designed patches, all of which have been designed for maximum flexibility. Using the Tetra patches, you can almost triple that number of available sounds using the modulation wheel of your Keyboard controller or Hardware synthesizer to create different and unique sound effects. 

Having the ability to dial the patch back to just the individual layers and perform just with those sounds or elements of the patch you have selected is a great tool for creating or modifying patches on the fly when you do not need a large texture in a live or studio performance. It also opens some unique possibilities for creative sound design.

The patches in the Elevator patch library are extremely intricate and well thought out and have been crafted using some highly unique recording processes. For example, one of the patches was created using a recording of a Lamborghini driving by. Another patch was created with a vibrating tuning fork with a Hexabug that was then run through a Rematrix convolution reverb. One of the patches utilizes the sounds of a warehouse door slamming, another was created from 4th of July fireworks and then processed to sound like a drum hit. One of the most exciting patches in the library was created using Michael’s own voice, layered 12 times, to create a unique rising sound effect. "I actually started at the same root note and raised my vocal pitch manually until I ran out of breath, repeated 12 times," explains Michael. Many of the source sounds in Elevator have been processed through outboard plugins (to give them more depth) and then mastered at 96 Hz / 24 bits to enhance them further. 

With the Elevator add-on library for Spectrasonics Omnisphere you are getting a huge sonic palette offering unique out-the-box expression that you simply will not get anywhere else at a bargain price. In addition to the more exotic soundscapes, Elevator also includes a selection of pads, modified Pianos, and string patches. You also get a selection of Hits and other unique sounds that further enhances Elevator’s value as a sound design tool. 

The Elevator library has been very well received by sound design professionals in both film and gaming communities. It’s a perfect platform for creating cutting-edge sound designs for professionals as well as home studio owners. The Elevator patch library will continue to be updated and expanded in future updates, which will be free to all registered users. 

The Elevator library for Spectrasonics Omnisphere is available now for $35. Spectasonics Omnisphere is not included with Elevator and is sold separately. 

Pictured: Michael (MIDIhead) Babbitt

To learn more, see: ilio.com/elevator