IndieFlow Launches Artist Development Program

IndieFlow, the all-in-one music management software for independent musicians, has announced the launch of its Artist Development Program, helping a community of leading, handpicked, established artists connect with brands and other monetization opportunities as well as white glove service on each release. Musicians will be able to focus on making music and fresh content rather than worrying about troubleshooting, gaining followers, and fostering engagement as easily as in a few clicks.

The announcement comes as music consumption continues rapidly increasing. With the ability to reach fans directly through social media, merchandise sales, and crowdfunding, many musicians are able to build successful careers without relying on record labels while maintaining greater creative control. However, gaining exposure and maneuvering promotional techniques remains challenging for artists. IndieFlow is dedicating its resources to creating monetization and other business opportunities for independent artists.

IndieFlow’s novel Artist Development Program already boasts independent musicians EDM/Rock artist Puppet (pictured above), rising Indie-Rock sensation Mom Rock, and Finnish lo-fi producer Kooma. Artists who are part of the program have access to an array of monetization opportunities, including connection with brands, and sync licensing, and receive a marketing advance to amplify their careers. Artists are paired with a dedicated artist development manager who guides their journey, aiding distribution and promotional activities, playlist pitching, and social media asset design. Additionally, free access to the platform’s essential organizational and management tools empowers artists to grow their music brands, achieve their goals, and aim higher. 

During SXSW in March 2023, IndieFlow’s Artist Development Team will be scouting new talents and hosting a community event at a local Austin bar. 

For more information, visit: indieflow.me