Latin Artists for Indie Label

Indie Label Seeks Contemporary Latin Pop Artists

An indie label is currently looking for some great new acts that would appeal to fans of artists like (but not limited to) J. Balvin, Natti Natasha, Maluma, etc. Please listen to the following examples to get an idea of what could grab their attention:

“QUE PRETENDES” by J. Balvin, Bad Bunny

“Oh Daddy” by Natti Natasha

“11 PM” by Maluma

Please submit well-crafted Latin Pop Songs that showcase your one-of-a-kind sound and style. Your submissions should utilize genre-appropriate productions and have vocal performances that are authentic and appropriately stylized. Your vocal performances should be primarily in Spanish but can have some English.

Note: They’ve asked for THREE Songs per submission so they can see if there is depth in your material.

Please highlight any touring/live show experience, fanbase, or impressive sales/streaming figures you may have in your bio. If you’re a new artist or band and don’t yet have much of a story or track record, but you do have an amazing sound and the songs to back it up, they’d still like to hear you.

Please submit three Songs, online or per CD, and include lyrics, photos and a bio. All submissions will be screened on a Yes/No basis – No full critiques. Submissions must be received no later than 11:59 PM (PDT) on Tuesday, Aug. 13.

Click here to submit.