ICM Partners with Madden

ICM Partners and Joel Madden Form Artist Representation Partnership

ICM Partners and Joel Madden have formed a partnership aimed at identifying and developing emerging artists and brands in the music industry, as well as offering personal service to already established artists and clients at ICM.

Madden got his start in 1996 as the co-founder of the band Good Charlotte, which he formed with his twin brother Benji. He spent the following two decades building the band, a global touring business, a career in writing/recording/producing music and TV.

The brothers have always had a creative approach to business. In 2015, Joel, Benji and their older brother Josh founded MDDN.co, a music company focused on artist development and management, as well as branding and culture.

This new collaboration will parlay the expertise, infrastructure and the broad scope of talent and opportunity at ICM Partners with Madden to bring new talent to the agency, develop business and offer creative support to the clients at ICM.

“The agents we have worked with at ICM share our passion and entrepreneurial spirit for artist representation,” said Joel Madden.  “We have the opportunity to create something very special which I am excited about and believe will be very impactful in supporting the growth and success of artists. Helping build creative businesses and brands is an idea both myself and ICM believe in and want to help artists achieve.”

MDDN.co has ventured into a diverse range of categories, including strategic partnerships and investments in music, tech, fashion, cannabis, as well as building out capabilities such as creative services, brand strategy & development and production.