Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte Kicks Off Generation Rx Tour in Orlando, FL

On Oct. 16, Good Charlotte kicked off the U.S. leg of the Generation Rx Tour in Orlando, FL at the Hard Rock Live. Having loved this band, created in 1996, for so many years, I was absolutely thrilled to cover the start of their first U.S. tour in about 10 years. As I watched the floor filled with fans, I noticed so many different ages coming in. I saw older adults either coming as fans or bringing their kid rockers, sporting Good Charlotte shirts hanging all the way past their knees.

Playing a set of about 17 songs, the guys had us jumping, moshing, swaying and dancing to tracks older and new. Taking us for a walk down memory lane to our first taste of GC, the band had us screaming with hits such as "Little Things," "Story of My Old Man," "Girls" and "Boys and The Anthem." We also got to hear some new songs off of Generation Rx, which included "Self Help and Prayers."

Lead singer, Joel Madden, took a moment before performing "Riot Girl" to let every woman and young girl know that they are important, that they are making changes and they are making history. Before performing and older favorite, "Hold On," the guys made sure everyone in attendance knew how important their life is. Too many people, including younger adults, suffer from depression and anxiety. So many people can't seem to hang on and end their life. Good Charlotte made it known that they love their fans, that you are loved by so many, it gets better and to keep pushing on.

It's really amazing to see so many people so incredibly excited to see their return. I loved seeing such young children on their parent's shoulders listening to the same music that got me through some really tough times in my life. Good Charlotte is music and a message for everyone. They know how you feel because they have felt the same way and that's something to take comfort in.

Ending the show with "Lifestyles Of the Rich" and "Famous" paired with a huge burst of streamers, the guys let us know that they are back and you better be ready. Check out the Generation Rx tour dates and get your tickets now! You will not want to miss this when it comes through a city near you.