Shure’s Off The Beaten Path Contest

Shure’s Off The Beaten Path Contest

On Sept. 26, The Baron’s Jelly – two sisters who’d been flown in from Germany and France – sat alongside Al Schmitt in Capitol’s cavernous Studio A. They were on the second of their two-day recording session with the legendary twenty-three-time Grammy winner. Lauranne and Maeva Andrianandrasana had won Shure’s Off The Beaten Path singing/songwriting contest. Their prize was a pair of fives: $5,000 in Shure gear and a five-day trip to Los Angeles, which included studio time with Schmitt.

For their initial submission, the sisters wrote and recorded "The Beauty Behind.” Once they became finalists, they created and captured “Piece of Art” with Shure’s Motiv MV88 Microphone, which plugs directly into all modern iPhones. The condenser mic interfaces with Shure’s iOS app that allows users to choose a range of settings and effects such as wind reduction, compression and stereo width adjustment.

“We’ve sang together since we were young,” Lauranne explains. “But we just did weddings and things. When we heard about Shure’s contest, we thought it would be a good opportunity to compose a song. We had writing sessions over Skype, which were complicated.”

When Maeva learned of their win, she called her sister, nearly breathless. “Lauranne was busy at the time, which was funny,” she recalls. “I told her that we did OK. But when she checked her email, she saw, too, that we’d actually won.”

“I’ve enjoyed working with them,” Schmitt observes of the time he spent with the sisters. “It’s wonderful to watch their enthusiasm and how they learned over a short period of time. We work with a lot of people that are old pros and don’t see that kind of enthusiasm sometimes.”

Four days after their return to Europe – scarcely enough time to recover from their jet lag – the sisters began music school. It seems that Shure helped guide them along that path.

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