Album Review: Christian Howes- "American Spirit" (7/10)

Indie label Resonance Records brands itself 
as dedicated to “Creating Jazz Legacies,”
and the renowned composer and violinist 
achieves that with this diverse, freewheel
ing and triumphant three-pronged celebration of the human, musical and American
 spirit. Howes reflects upon his pride as a
 U.S. citizen despite the country’s bipartisan climate. Driven by a colorful, improvisation-rich swirl of jazz, classical, gospel, blues and world music, this multi-talent mixes in a few originals among chestnuts and cherished classics by Leonard Bernstein, Fats Waller and Bob James. A truly thought-provoking, inspirational project.

Score: 7 out of 10

Christian Howes
American Spirit
Resonance Records
Producer: Christian Howes