Greta Van Fleet in Louisville, KY

Greta Van Fleet made a triumphant return to Louisville on Thursday night. The four-piece band, consisting of brothers Josh (vocals), Jake (guitar), and Sam Kiszka (bass, keys), as well as pseudo-brother and drummer extraordinaire, Danny Wagner (drums), played to a packed KFC Yum! Center in one of the most highly anticipated shows of the year. 

It’s not often that anticipation for the opening acts parallels that of the headliner, but Mirador gave Greta Van Fleet a run for their money. In addition to Greta guitarist Jake Kiszka, the newly established collaborative features guitarist Chris Turpin (of Ida Mae and Kill It Kid), Mikey Sorbello (drums), and Nick Pini (bass). Yes, Jake Kiszka nearly stole the show… from himself.

The group started off the night at 7pm sharp with “Feels Like Gold,” a dynamic piece that had fans immediately sold. Jake introduced the band and, naturally, made sure to thank Greta Van Fleet for having them on tour. Despite the group only being a recent creation, the barricade was lined with signs of support and love from fans. Mirador crafted an acoustic moment with “Must I Go Bound,” and finished off their set with “Fortune’s Fate” and “Skyway Drifter.” Their sound, while occasionally featuring some of Jake’s riffs that can be heard in Greta’s music, is a refreshing and distinct experience. Turpin’s Americana-Blues influence is especially recognizable. Though nothing has been announced about an official music drop, folks can visit miradorband.com to pre-save future releases.

As if we were sat in a playhouse, a gorgeous overture of harp and various strings took the crowd on a whimsical journey through Starcatcher, the band’s latest album release, while a dramatic curtain bearing the album’s logo blocked the stage from view. Arranged by Kristin Wilkerson, the suite reimagines rock and transforms the record into a magical landscape reminiscent of medieval times… Fitting for an album so thematically tied to the idea of swords and battle and adventure. 

Much like the album, the live performance of Starcatcher sweeps across otherworldly landscapes both visually and sonically. With the Starcatcher World Tour, Greta Van Fleet has taken the best aspects of their previous live performances, and cranked them up to the max. 

Breaking from routine, Jake is generous in giving stage time to different guitars throughout the night. Like swords outfitted for specialized combat, he swaps between his “beloved” ‘61 Gibson Les Paul and the following array of instruments: a black SG, a vintage Martin 12-string acoustic, a well-worn 6-string acoustic, a Gibson ES-355, and a Fender B-Bender. Sam, too, finds himself wielding new weapons unseen on previous tours, including a gorgeous gold Rickenbacker.

Similar to Jake’s guitar swaps, Josh seems to leave the stage for his new armor every few songs. The curtain drops to reveal him in a white jumpsuit, adorned with rhinestones and embroidered peacock feathers. However, he quickly changes into a velvet number dripping in gems before slipping into a black lace getup, a sunburst suit, and, finally, a burgundy two-piece embroidery. Each costume adds a new layer to the performance with its intricate detailing and intentional storytelling. This expression is described in one of the bands’ singles, “Sacred the Thread.”

While a cranky few took to the internet to complain about extended guitar and drum solos, the majority of the crowd were more than pleased to admire the rock n’ roll artistry unfolding before them. Greta Van Fleet knows that a good show leaves room for improvisation and allows for creativity to flow in the moment. 

Sam took the chance to show off his bass lines in “Highway Tune,” and put his work on keys to the test in “Light My Love.” Danny led us into an incredible drum solo at the end of the first act, complete with bursts of flames to accent his beats and keep the crowd entranced.

Moving to a second stage in the back of the area, the band was met with incredible energy fans swarming to the stage, dying to show their love for GVF. Josh and Sam briefly covered “The Music Is You” and “Unchained Melody” before Jake and Danny joined them to play an acoustic version of their songs “Waited All Your Life” and “Black Smoke Rising.” This interlude featured Danny’s multi-instrumentalism as he took up the mandolin, as well as the vocal talents of all four members singing in harmony. The stripped-back setup created a feeling of intimacy between the crowd and the band that is often hard to accomplish in an arena setting. 

Back on the main stage, Jake whipped out the B-Bender for an electric performance of “Fate of the Faithful.” Perhaps the climax of the evening was when he strutted amongst flames during his epic solo in “The Archer” while Josh gave his body over to the crowd. Like some kind of rock n’ roll Jesus, he paraded across half the barricade giving kisses to fans and embracing them in hugs. As is fitting, the show concluded with the final track from Starcatcher, “Farewell For Now.”

The Starcatcher World Tour makes its way back to Europe and over to Oceania this summer. To listen to Starcatcher and stay up to date with the latest on Greta Van Fleet, visit gretavanfleet.com.


  1. The Falling Sky
  2. The Indigo Streak
  3. Caravel
  4. Meeting the Master
  5. Heat Above
  6. Highway Tune
  7. Runway Blues
  8. Waited All Your Life
  9. Black Smoke Rising
  10. Fate of the Faithful
  11. Sacred the Thread
  12. The Archer
  13. Light My Love
  14. Farewell For Now