The New Pornographers - "Whiteout Conditions" (8/10)

Music Album Review: The New Pornographers - "Whiteout Conditions" (8/10)

This is the first album released on septet the New Pornographers' Collected Works imprint and continues their history of resonant melodies, exquisite harmonies and indelibly rhythmic hooks. Frontman A.C. Newman leads this unit through 11 tracks of cleverly controlled bedlam. Each song plays like a single; from the driving guitar/synthesizer beat of “Play Money” to the infectious call-and-response vocals on “High Ticket Attraction.” There are also oddities, such as the trance-like “Darling Shade” and the percolating sound design of “We’ve Been Here Before.” It’s a little Kraftwerk, a pinch of the B52’s, with a blend of social commentary and fun.

Released by: Collected Works Records/Concord Records
Producer: A.C. Newman and John Collins