Greta Van Fleet at the Huntington Bank Pavilion

The Brothers Kiszka and Danny Wagner have got quite the show for fans of Greta Van Fleet.
The Strange Horizons Tour made its third stop in Chicago on Friday, September 3rd at the
Huntington Bank Pavilion on the misty shorelines of Northerly Island. The GRAMMY
Award-winning band lifted the crowd to the stars in their two-hour long set, complete with
intricate costumes and a theatrical set.

Before Greta hit the stage, the crowd was ignited by the spark of Trombone Shorty & Orleans
Avenue, as well as local favorite Ronnie Baker Brooks. A soul-striking organ introduced the
night as the band made their way on stage to perform their single My Way, Soon.
The band, Josh Kiszka (vocals), Jake Kiszka (guitar), Sam Kiszka (bass/piano/organ), and
Danny Wagner (drums), are small-town boys from Frankenmuth, Michigan. Now, they are taking
over the rock and roll world from their residence in Nashville. At only twenty-two and twenty-five
years old, these rock stars use their youth to their advantage. Josh practically conducted the
night with the swinging of his arms and his warrior-like postures, while Danny pushed out
intense drum solos that anchored the performance. Sammy switched between three instruments
with other-worldly passion while Jake shredded the electric behind his back. You’re never sure
exactly who to look at in one moment, and it’s thrilling. The show was full of favorites such as
Safari Song, Flower Power, and Broken Bells.

A highlight of the night was the group's most romantic piece, Light My Love. Josh introduced the
song by explaining that it can be understood as a dialogue between mother and child, inspired
by all of their friends having babies. The whole crowd was in awe as he hit long, soaring notes
that seemed to shake your heart. Josh extended his love to the crowd by throwing white roses
to the masses with the biggest smile on his face. Closing out the main setlist (and mimicking the
structure of their newest album The Battle at Garden’s Gate) was the dramatic Weight of
Dreams. They kept the crowd on edge with wild instrumental interludes.
Heat Above, the album’s opener, brought us back for the encore with more of Sammy’s organ
wonder. Black Smoke Rising and Highway Tune, a pair of their most beloved pieces, closed out
the night on a high. It was a real show in every sense of the word.
The Strange Horizons Tour will conclude at Los Angeles’ Greek Theater on October 26th and
27th to sold out crowds.


1. My Way, Soon
2. When the Curtain Falls
3. Safari Song
4. Caravel
5. Trip the Light Fantastic
6. Flower Power
7. Light My Love
8. Broken Bells
9. Age of the Machine
10. The Barbarians
11. The Weight of Dreams
12. Heat Above
13. Black Smoke Rising
14. Highway Tune