Gibson Reissues 1958 Korina Flying V and Explorer


In 1958, Gibson introduced, and shipped only 19 Explorers and 81 Flying V’s. With their space-age, futuristic designs that were ahead of their time, these instantly recognizable guitars are highly--collectible cultural icons. Gibson has announced the release of full collection of these rare and desirable guitars, the Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Korina Flying V and Explorer, available worldwide now on www.gibson.com.

The Gibson 1958 Flying V and Explorer project took three years to develop through the magic and artistry of the Gibson Custom Shop team. Made with Korina wood, every one of these Flying V and Explorer’s vintage features has been re-created. By using 3-D scanning technology from multiple Flying V and Explorers--made in 1958--the Gibson Custom Shop has delivered the most authentic and identical clones humanly possible. Each Flying V and Explorer is available with a Black or White pickguard and a includes historically accurate case with a classic brown exterior and plush pink interior. View the Gibson Custom Shop Flying V and Explorer, HERE.