Friday Freebie: Cascade Microphone - (5/25/18)

Win a Cascade Microphone in This Week's Friday Freebie!!

For this week's Music Connection Friday Freebie, we’re giving away a Cascade X-15 stereo ribbon microphone. The X-15 houses two separate matched ribbon motors that are positioned one above the other. The elements are offset 90 degrees and are configured in the Blumlein setup. Stereo separation is superb and off-axis coloration is minimal. The fit and finish are of top quality and includes a premium suspension shockmount, thick padded leatherette pouch and an upgraded aluminum case. Package also includes a 20ft. 5-Pin XLR cable that connects directly to a splitter cable that Y's to two 3-PIN MALE XLR connectors for connection to outboard gear.

About Us

The Cascade Microphone Company is located in Olympia Washington, over-looking the beautiful Puget Sound. The name, inspired by the Cascade Mountain range, has become highly recognized in the Pro Audio industry. Since its inception, Cascade Microphones’ goal has been to offer a high-quality product at an exceptional value.

Cascade Microphones stands behind each and every microphone we sell. We want our customers to have the best available information to help them make informed decisions about their purchases. To verify that the most accurate information is being presented, each model is sent to Cross Spectrum Labs where audio calibrations are conducted to ensure that our specifications and measurements are precise and correct.

Cascade Microphones also offers a variety of custom installations.

 Quality Control

We closely and diligently work with our manufacturing team on a day-to-day basis. Our product designs and modifications is what makes Cascade Microphones stand out from the rest. Each microphone is tested and inspected before it leaves our shop

Retail Value $449.00