Focusrite Announces Vocaster DM14v and Broadcast Kit

Focusrite announced two new additions to their award-winning Vocaster podcasting audio interface range: the Vocaster Broadcast Kit and standalone Vocaster

Vocaster Broadcast Kit

Podcasters, streamers, vloggers and voiceover artists can now purchase the Vocaster Broadcast Kit, a podcasting accessory bundle that pairs the Vocaster DM14v dynamic microphone and Vocaster HP60v headphones to bring studio quality to any podcast setup.

Whether it’s elevating a solo show, or as an additional setup for podcast guests, the Vocaster Broadcast Kit is the ideal solution for podcasters needing a professional recording and monitoring upgrade. Featuring the Vocaster DM14v dynamic microphone (microphone previously only available with the Vocaster Two Studio interface bundle), and Vocaster HP60v headphones plus a high-quality XLR cable included, the Vocaster Broadcast Kit has everything needed to get started.

"Vocaster has enabled us to bring voice focused recording workflows to customers around the world, making it easier than ever to create high-quality Podcasts, Voiceovers, Vlogs and Live streams wherever you are. We know that our customers want the flexibility to customize their recording setup to meet their specific needs, and by expanding the Vocaster range with the new Vocaster DM14v and Vocaster Broadcast Kit accessory packs, getting broadcast-quality sound for everyone on your show has never been simpler." — Dan Weston, Product Manager for Vocaster

What’s in the box?

• One Vocaster DM14v broadcast dynamic microphone • One pair of Vocaster HP60v closed-back headphones • One 3m XLR cable


• $249.99/£249.99

Vocaster DM14v

Focusrite also announced that the Vocaster DM14v – their best dynamic microphone to date – is now available as a standalone mic. With a low sensitivity cardioid design that punches well above its weight, the Vocaster DM14v makes broadcast-ready voice recording accessible to any interface user. The cardioid polar pattern leads to a more focused voice recording, prioritizing the voice in front of the microphone and not the space around it.

The Vocaster DM14v’s premium look and feel is perfect for any podcaster searching for a professional podcasting experience and is the ideal microphone for those looking to level-up their podcast setup. The Vocaster DM14v also features a built-in windshield to cut out those troublesome p’s, b’s, and other air-related artifacts, with no pop-filter needed. The built-in shock mount removes any knocks to the Vocaster DM14v, so there’s no trouble if you bump into your desk or mic.