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Modern Recording Techniques, 8th Edition
By David Miles Huber and Robert Runstein
Price: $49.95

Modern Recording Techniques, the bestselling, authoritative guide to recording, provides everything you need to improve your craft. Expanded to include the latest digital audio technology, the eighth edition now has sections on touch technology, tablets, and newer connectivity options, such as Thunderbolt. It also includes revamped graphics throughout, and major updates of the sections covering DAWs, MIDI, and mastering. Whether you are just starting out or are looking for a step-up in the industry, Modern Recording Techniques provides an in-depth read on recording; it is a must-have for your audio bookshelf.

Basic Live Sound Reinforcement

A Practical Guide for Starting Live Audio

By Raven Biederman and Penny Pattison

Price: $39.95

Basic Live Sound Reinforcement provides only the most essential information needed to help the beginning audio engineer/live sound newbie get a grasp on the basics so that they can land and perform their first live sound gigs. It covers basic principles with enough depth to establish a theoretical and practical knowledge, but doesn't intimidate the beginner or muddy the water with more advanced coverage. The book also covers new and emerging technologies and trends applicable to small and mid-size venues. It is the first live sound text to include advice on the use of vocal auto tuners (Auto-Tune), as well as the growing trend of combining analog instruments with digital production and effects during live shows.

Web Marketing for the Music Business, 2nd Edition

By Tom Hutchison

Price: $34.95

Learn how to create a powerful online presence in order to promote both music and artists on the Internet. Author Tom Hutchison provides detailed instructions on how to set up a website, as well as how to use the Internet to promote the artist, the music, and the website. He includes information on maximizing the site to increase traffic, online grassroots marketing tactics that will advance the artist's career and how to best utilize social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Tom Hutchison was a professor of marketing in the Department of Recording Industry at MTSU. He worked with a wide range of popular artists including Faith Hill, The Dixie Chicks, The Roots, and Beck. Tom also conducted market research projects for Sony, MCA/Universal, DreamWorks, and Warner Music Group. Tom passed away suddenly on Memorial Day, 2012, just after finishing the manuscript for this new edition.

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