Fishman Releases Fluence Thomas McRocklin Custom Series

Fishman has released the new Fluence Thomas McRocklin Custom Series pickup set, available in Open Core black and an exciting retro vibe Open Core purple finish.

Since first hitting the world stage as a child prodigy with an unparalleled level of skill and understanding, Thomas McRocklin has been leaving jaws on the floor for over 35 years. Whether it’s his string of musical releases and collaborations, in depth lessons, or his “School of McRock,” McRocklin continues to demonstrate his musical IQ as something to behold.

McRocklin says, "When I'm in my studio, I could be doing anything from recording to live streaming or producing lessons for School Of McRock. I need my guitars to not only inspire me, but to sound absolutely blazing right from the very start of the signal chain, and this starts with my Fishman Fluence pickups.”

See and hear a playthrough of the new pickups here. To learn more about McRocklin's collaboration with Fishman, watch his interview.

For more information, including voicings and specs, visit fishman.com.