New Toys: Fishman Loudbox Micro Acoustic Amp

The Fishman Loudbox Micro is a well-designed vocal and acoustic guitar amplifier with two separate input channels—each with their own equalizer and digital effects. Weighing just over 9 pounds and measuring only 8.1 D x 10.4 W x 9.5 H-inches (206mm D x 264mm W x 242mm H), this is the perfect practice or backup amp for the itinerant singer-songwriter-musician.

Loudbox Micro has 40-watts of bi-amped power driving a 5.25-inch woofer and 0.8-inch tweeter in a sealed cabinet that is angled slightly upwards back at you when it sits on the floor.

I liked that the included (paper) manual explains all the controls with exactly how and why to set them and the results to expect. Loudbox has an XLR input jack for plugging in a professional dynamic microphone but it will also handle a direct box or any balance audio mic-level signal. There is no +48-volt phantom power provided, but there is a simple, two-band EQ for the microphone channel that is very effective and sounds good on dynamic mics.

The 1/4-inch input jack for the instrument channel accepts any passive or active acoustic pickups using Fishman’s legendary preamp and tone control design. A three-band EQ with +/- 12dB @ 60Hz peaking, +/- 10.5dB @ 700-Hz peaking, and +/-12dB @ 15kHz shelving sections will carve your acoustic sound exactly the way you like. There is also a Phase button that can reduce acoustic feedback or increase/decrease bass boominess. 

I tried Shure’s MV-7 XLR/USB Podcast and also their new SM7dB dynamic mics in the vocal channel with great results. The digital reverb is fine when used as a light touch but the chorus effect on the Instrument channel is lovely in just about any amount for acoustic guitars to spread out the sound beautifully.

Besides the DC power jack that connects Loudbox Micro to its included power adapter, the rear panel has two mini stereo jacks. The first is an Aux input for mixing in a backing track with its stereo sound automatically summed to mono. There is also a stereo headphone jack that mutes the speaker when you plug in to it. For practicing without the speaker on!

Finally, the XLR output jack plays out your dialed-in mix of the Vocal and Instrument audio channels so they may be routed to a larger house PA system via its ground-isolated output. Overall level is under control of a Master Volume control.

The Fishman Loudbox Micro is a complete professional product that sells for $299.95 MAP. It is a well-made and designed portable amp that is very flexible, useful and sounds great!