Fargen Amps Sonic Edge

The Pete Anderson Tumbleweed is a two-fold compressor and clean boost in one pedal. The comp side has level and sensitivity controls, while the clean boost supports a level control and 3-way switch with different voicings. Both effects can be used together, or separately as two individual units. Fargen Amps is thrilled to re-relase the Tumbleweed as the first product in a new line of Pete Anderson Signature gear, and working with/paying tribute to the multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning producer and guitarist in Pete. The Fluffer is an innovative isolation pedal board buffer that reduces the loading effect caused by stacking multiple FX pedals between your guitar and amplifier, gaining back some of the high-end frequency that is often reduced in a signal chain.

Fargen Amps/Sonic Edge, founded by Ben Fargen, has built boutique-quality tube amplifiers and effects for over fifteen years. We apply the latest technology to our knowledge of vintage amp building and modification, to produce a broad yet simple line of products that put quality tone before anything else. Sporting some of the world's greatest pros and most discernible players as our customers, we ship through an extensive dealer network spanning over twenty countries.