Eternal Vacation: 5 Jobs That Are Connected To Music

Are you always humming the latest songs? Do you know every music event that happens in your town? Does most of your money go to buying tickets to them? If the answer is yes, then the music industry is your place, my friend! This is how an eternal vacation looks, cultivating your most ardent passion and making a living out of it. This is what everyone dreams of, doing what they love and getting paid for that.

The only job many people think of when they have the music industry in mind is a pop star or musician. Leading vocalist for a rock band or the next Dua Lipa are not the only jobs you can find, there are a lot more.

Leading vocalists and famous pop stars employ an entire army to help make them shine and reach the top of the charts. So, if you haven’t yet had a chance to hit the stage, you might get future chances. If not, there are plenty of other music industry positions to pursue. Here are five possibilities:

1. Composer-Songwriter
As a composer or songwriter you are a key player on a singer’s team. You might not end up on stage connecting with an adoring crowd, but your songs will. You will be the one sitting in the front row or in the VIP lounge saying, “I wrote this song!” while the crowd sings every word.

If you do not have a great voice, but your poetic skills are fabulous, the composer job is the perfect one for you. Make a small portfolio of songs and get them out there, to record labels and music publishers. In the end, someone will notice your natural gift, and your song might become the next Number One.

2. Music Journalist
You love music, but your singing and lyric-writing skills are lacking. Even so, you want to be close to the music you love and the entertainment industry. What do you do? You need to become a music journalist, my friend!

Take a look at these very popular music publications and the areas they cover. If you’d like to write similar news and conduct interviews with popular musicians for these magazines, you should first read their last 10 editions.

You have to remember that if you choose this job you will need to have spotless English skills; you can’t write articles like a college essay writer. When sending your first articles to these publications, I’d recommend you have them verified by a professional writer. There are lots of article editing/reviewing companies out there. Here are a few:

3. Tour Manager
As a tour manager, you are a part-time tourist, part-time mum and a part-time supervisor. Basically, you are the one responsible for the band’s well-being. You need to make sure the venue is good enough for your band’s concert. You make sure the sound people do their job and that the organizers of the concert have respected the band’s needs.

The reward for this job? Seeing your efforts result in a great venue filled with enthusiastic fans. And, you travel around the world––and get paid for it. And finally, you take part in something the artists are famous for––parties.

Van Halen’s tour manager had a very smart trick up his sleeve. To make sure the organizers of the concert were reading the entire contract, he inserted a very particular and odd request. He asked, in the name of the band, for a bowl of M&Ms to be placed in their rooms, but without any brown M&Ms. This request was his way of checking if the contract was read entirely or not.

4. Record Label Owner
If you like music and have an inclination for business, a record label might be a business for you. But, you need to consider the fact that for you to start a record label you need to have connections in the music industry––artists, songwriters, producers, you name it––you need them all. Starting a label with no connections is like going to war barehanded.

Another thing you should always remember: starting a record label is like launching your own start-up, that’s why you will need help along the way, assignment help for your paperwork, a sales agent, a financial consultant, and so on.

Last, but not least, you will need to work long hours, the chances of failure are quite high, but the risk rewards are worth it.

Who knows? Your record label might be behind the next big pop stars and become a unicorn. You might be the one to help a new Michael Jackson make his debut.

5. Agent
An agent is a band’s representative. When the organizers of a festival want to approach the band, they will contact the agent and pitch their offer, but this is the easy part.

As an agent, you need to be on the lookout for promising artists and bands. If you think they have potential, you need to sign them and make sure their names appear in the music charts.

For this, you need to find them a great record label, tour manager, press representative, and other people who will help pave their road to success.

For example, as an agent, you will be the artist’s tour mastermind. You will talk to various promoters and tour managers in order to organize your artist’s tours. At first, your artist will be supporting other artists, but in the end, they could become the headliners of these tours. It’s up to you to help your artist become a headliner.

For JOSEPH MCLEAN, music is the centerpiece of life. When he was young he had an ardent passion for music and he was a tour manager for roughly five years. Now, he is an editor for an important professional essay writing service. During the past two years, since he left the music industry, he’s been writing articles for companies such as Essay Writing Land and Paper Writing Pro.