Emily Estefan receives WorldArts Discovery Award

Emily Estefan Awarded 2016 "Discovery Artist of the Year" by WorldArts

Emily Estefan, daughter of Billboard Latin artist Gloria Estefan, received the first ever WorldArts “Discovery Artist of the Year” award at the 2016 La Musa Awards Gala, which honors the newest inductees to the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame. "I am really honored," said Emily. "I still can't believe it's real. And being able to sing one of my own tunes tonight is unreal. It is the best. Thank you so much WorldArts!"

This marks the second year of title sponsorship for WorldArts, which featured the debut of 2015 “Opportunity” winner Vanessa Campagna at last year's gala. "This year's show was simply fantastic," said Larry Underwood, founder and chairman of WorldArts. "It was my great pleasure to present Emily Estefan with this inaugural award. She is an inspiring and talented artist who gives hope to emerging artists through her label and through her own example. We are proud of our role as the title sponsor of the gala, and we're excited about our involvement in Latin music and providing new opportunities for artists on our platform."

The Latin Songwriter's Hall of Fame honors the best Latin music creators, and their contributions to the music world. "It's important what WorldArts is doing, and Emily embodies what WorldArts is about because she did it herself," said Gloria Estefan.

"We're still incredibly honored that she's receiving this award. What WorldArts is doing is exactly what we need in the music world. Artists need help in getting their stuff out there because it's not easy anymore. We are talking to Larry about working together and helping them in whatever way we can to move forward at a faster rate. Let's keep it going! We love you WorldArts!"

WorldArts is a global music platform that empowers music artists to connect with fans at events like SXSW, the ASCAP Expo, the A3C Festival and industry showcases live on the WorldArts Stage in Los Angeles. "People know when you're performing honestly and you do real music, that's what I love about Emily," said Emilio Estefan. "That's why I think this is so important what WorldArts and Larry have done to help new musicians and I think that's the way to go."

Artists can submit to a wide array of exclusive “Opportunities” at WorldArts’ site.

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