Electronic Tracks Needed For Independent Record Label

Epictronic is on the hunt for up and coming electronic for label representation and releases.

Epictronic is a young but very strong independent company which focuses on production, distribution and marketing of recorded music. The label offers to its artists a worldwide distribution service (physical and digital) through direct deals with Plastic Head Distribution and Plastic Head Media. Furthermore Epictronic owns an important division, operating closely with Warner Chappell Music Holland B.V. and specializing in music publishing, copyright management, collecting and Sync deals which includes a B to B marketing department and a very effective label service.

During the last 2 years, the label management inked deals in several different countries through subsidiaries, and established alliances with 3rd party companies in key markets like Japan, Scandinavia and USA.

With a marked vision and massive impact on the music market, Epictronic is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing enterprises in the industry.

Please do not contact Epictronic directly regarding this opportunity; submissions must go through Musicclout.com to be considered.

Some of the great artists they represent include: Deplacement, Marina Pernini, Davì, The A Machine, Sara Guirado, Douglas Garnett, Jamie-Lee Smit, TWOP, Earthist, Arsenic Unbirthday, Ashes To Ashes, and the list goes on.

Only accepting electronic tracks from Music Clout users. To submit, visit musicclout.com/contents/opportunity-6944-high-quality-electronic-tracks-needed-for-releases-on-independent-record-label.aspx