AMX Debuts New Line of CE Series Universal Control Extenders and Transceiver

HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control, has introduced the CE Series, a new family of professional-grade Universal Control Extenders. The new line delivers AMX-quality hardware control to any system that supports IP connectivity, making these units ideal for corporate spaces, colleges and universities, and government facilities.

AMX debuted four models, including CE-IO4 with 4 I/O Ports, CE-IRS4 with 4 IR/S Ports, CE-REL8 with 8 Relays, and CE-COM2 with 2 Serial Ports.

An open API makes it possible for any control system or application to control CE Series Universal Control Extenders. Whether part of a larger HARMAN Professional installation or the only AMX product in an install with products from other manufacturers, the open API allows seamless integration.

For complete product details and specifications, visit: amx.com/product_families/io-extenders.

The new AMX SVSI N4321D connects independent IP and analog audio networks and supports balanced and unbalanced analog audio. Whether the project requires converting from PCM to Dante, Dante to analog, analog to AES67, or nearly any other combination, these transceivers drastically simplify networked audio integration. 

Key features

  • Dante, AES67, and PCM Audio over IP stream compatibility
  • Balanced and Unbalanced Analog Audio support
  • Dual Ethernet Network and PoE capabilities
  • Open Direct Control API

More info here