Attend AES Immersive Audio Academy

The AES Immersive Audio Academy will consist of workshop & partner sessions and together with a training masterclass.

This one day online event focuses on the technology and solutions Immersive and Binaural Audio provides in music recording & production.

Program Schedule

9am – 9:15am EDT: Welcome to the Immersive Audio Academy 2

With Andres Mayo and Steve Martz

9:15am – 10:15am EDT: Preserving the Artistic Intent in Immersive Music

This session will highlight ideas on how to achieve that goal and some additional topics that creators need to take into account when choosing tools or a specific delivery format like Auro-3D or Dolby Atmos. The panelists will share their views on important aspects of working in Immersive Audio formats based on their experiences. Using the right workflow delivers not only a much more efficient way of working but also a means to easily extract different delivery formats while maximizing, in each of those formats, the audio quality and the immersive impact as intended by the creators.
With Frank Filipetti, Darcy Proper, Wilfried Van Baelen and Thomas Walravens.

10:45am – 12:15pm EDT: Immersive in Classical Music

Please join us for “Immersive in Classical Music” – a session discussing and demonstrating recording and mixing techniques for immersive projects as well as offering practical advice for helping clients choose which of the many immersive formats available will serve their music best.
Presented by renowned recording engineers/producers Malgorzata Albinska-Frank, Kseniya Kawko, and Ulrike Schwarz and moderated by mastering engineer, Darcy Proper.

12:15pm – 1:45pm EDT: Getting Higher Quality in Immersive Audio

In this session, we will address a key issue: how to get high quality sound when you go 360. Immersive audio specialists George Massenburg, Eric Schilling and Ceri Thomas will bring their expertise to the table and show real life examples from their own projects. Be prepared to use your headphones!
With George Massenburg, Andres Mayo, Eric Schilling and Ceri Thomas

2:15pm – 5:45pm EDT: Master Class – Mixing Music in Immersive (3.5 hours)

Hands-on Masterclass workshop with Ronald Prent
Please join world-renowned mix engineer Ronald Prent as he presents his Master Class – Mixing Music in Immersive.  Ronald will feature material prepared for speaker-based and headphone-based immersive formats, showcasing workflows and practical techniques for optimizing the musical and emotional impact of these exciting listening environments.

5:45pm – 6pm EDT: Closing Remarks

With Andres Mayo & Steve Martz

To register, visit: aesshow.com/immersive2