Ed Littman Mastering

By Jonathan WidranMain_Room_2

Analog and Digital Editing/Post Production: A full service, one person operation based in in the N.Y.C. area, Ed Littman Mastering is a well established high-end mastering studio whose wide range of services include audio mastering, digital editing, stem mastering, enhanced CDs, audio restoration/forensic, vocal tuning, guitar/bass recording/re-amping, vinyl restoration/archiving which includes detailing/de-clicking/noise reduction and remastering. The facility, which Littman has operated for the past 15 years, is specifically designed for critical listening and CD mastering. Explaining that quality analog sound surpasses digital even in this digital age, Littman uses the highest quality analog gear to process 95 percent of his work, while also embracing/using the best digital equipment available.


Simple E-mastering Process and Quick Turnaround: The way the non-attended/Emastering session works is, if it’s a full album, Littman will master the most aggressive song first and send it via his ftp server for the client’s approval on the direction, tone and final loudness level. Once the client approves, Littman will gear the whole project to that vibe. If the client has specific ideas for time spacing between songs or cross fades, he/she can email Littman or leave it to his judgment. Littman will then upload a WAV file of the CD for approval before creating a digital master, making sure the client is always in the loop! He will also supply high quality MP3s and other required file formats to the client at no additional charge. Standard turnaround time is a week for a full CD, much less time for a single track.


Years of Musical Experience: Littman, who earned a Bachelor’s degree in music from Berklee College of Music, brings 30 years of experience as a recording artist, trained musician and performer to his diverse work as a mastering engineer. As a guitarist and composer, he has released several albums under his name that have received critical acclaim, and has given dozens of performances through the New York area. All of this contributes to the total commitment, deep musicality and powerful artistry he brings to every project he takes on.

Contact Ed Littman Mastering, 201-824-7860