Ed Cherney on Mix with the Masters

Ed Cherney Offers Mixing Insight on "Mix with the Masters"

Grammy® and TEC award-winning producer/engineer/mixer Ed Cherney has recently contributed to the Mix with the Masters online video tutorial series. Cherney’s contribution is part of the ongoing “Deconstructing a Mix” series, which features industry masters sharing their insights into the techniques used to achieve polished, professional mixes. Cherney’s seminar is split up into seven parts offering over two hours of knowledge, wisdom and wit from a successful producer-engineer in modern music. The videos, currently available to view for registered members of the Mix with the Masters online services, were recently recorded at The Village Studios in Los Angeles.

Part one can be found viewed at mixwiththemasters.com, and the trailer for the entire Cherney series can be found on youtu.be/OR9UoPLxzEc.

Victor Lévy-Lasne, founder of the Mix with the Masters seminar program and enhancement materials (including the online video tutorials), states, “We are very proud to announce our 12th ‘Deconstructing a Mix’ series with Grammy award-winning producer and engineer Ed Cherney. In this exclusive 2-hour video, Ed Cherney mixes the song 'Game On' by the Rides at the legendary Village Studios on a Neve 8048 while explaining his methods and techniques step by step.”

For more information on Cherney, visit edcherney.com.