Eaves Wilder Signs to Secretly Canadian

19-year-old London-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Eaves Wilder is Secretly Canadian’s newest signee. In celebration of the news, Eaves shares her first new song and video in 18 months, and her first for the label, the self-confessed “female revenge fantasy song,” “I Stole Your Jumper.” Inspired by Riot Grrrl and informed by the sexism she's faced during her adolescence in music, the track features Wilder's quick quips over hazy guitars. She asserts her femininity on her own terms, jesting "I've never been a mother, But I've mothered men.” It finds the British teenager who, in her own words, “is far too polite” to take any physical action against those who have wronged her, trying to wrestle back control of a situation from a manipulative ex partner. “‘I Stole Your Jumper’ is me allowing myself to tap into my own female rage for the first time,” explains Eaves. “But in my own way - no blowing people up Thelma and Louise style - it’s a very British and passive aggressive revenge fantasy.”