Ear Trumpet Debuts 2 New Accessories

Ear Trumpet Labs has announced the release of two long-awaited accessory items: an all-metal Brass Mic Clip and a Copper Shock Mount. These accessories have been the most requested by Ear Trumpet Labs' loyal user base since the company's inception in 2011. Now, users can secure these stylish and functional additions to their microphone setups by pre-ordering, with shipments set to begin on December 1st, just in time for the holiday season.Just like Ear Trumpet Labs’ unique and coveted line of condenser microphones, these accessories are handbuilt in their craft workshop in Portland, Oregon, and designed to match the distinctive design of an ETL microphone.

Brass Mic ClipThe Brass Mic Clip is meticulously handcrafted and provides a secure, adjustable clamp design for all microphone configurations. Its all-metal construction features a solid brass ball hinge, spring, and wing nut, ensuring precise positioning with over 180 degrees of pivot. The cork lining guarantees a secure grip on various mic configurations, making it the ultimate accessory for Ear Trumpet Labs microphone enthusiasts. Universal fit for all Ear Trumpet Labs microphones.
Pre-Order Now (shipping by Dec 1): $40


Copper Shock Mount
The Copper Shock Mount is the perfect solution for those seeking to reduce vibrations caused by stage rumble and mic stand noise. Its elegant copper design is paired with a practical array of rubber shock bands suspended in a large copper tube. The shock mount firmly grips the body of any Ear Trumpet Labs microphone and can be easily mounted on standard mic stands. This artist-approved solution to vibrations has been road-tested and refined by The Milk Carton Kids over 12 months.

Pre-Order Now (shipping by Dec 1): $75


Philip Graham, founder of Ear Trumpet Labs, expressed his enthusiasm about these new accessories, saying, "I’m so excited to have clips that are both supremely functional and aesthetically coherent with our microphones. It was important to create designs that we can fully build in our own workshop as well."

Pre-orders for both the Brass Mic Clip and Copper Shock Mount are now open on the Ear Trumpet Labs website, with shipments starting on December 1st. 

Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2011, Ear Trumpet Labs is a craft builder of unique microphones for adventurous musicians and recording artists. Combining technical expertise, the highest grade hand-selected electrical components, and a sculptural aesthetic, the company is committed to a hand-built craft workshop approach to providing the best-looking and sounding microphones.
         All-Brass Mic Clip                                         Copper Shock Mount