Before your favorite musicians hit the stage on tour, hours of rehearsal and preparation take place to achieve the perfect performance. For touring and recording artists in the Los Angeles area, Third Encore Studios is the place to make that happen. Starting with a single practice room in 1989, Third Encore has become a premium rehearsal studio provider with seven fully equipped studio spaces. Among the many artists who rely on the company’s services and rehearsal rooms are high-profile musicians like Phoebe Bridgers, Blink-182 and Kendrick Lamar.

Third Encore has also grown into a full production campus with a rentals department, storage facility and cartage services. When artists put their shows together at Third Encore’s studios, they can sample the many audio and backline options available. From mixing boards and wireless audio systems to more than 90 vintage and modern production keyboards, along with a wide range of drum kits, Third Encore supplies a variety of high-end, quality gear. 

For the microphone inventory, Third Encore has chosen to showcase a range of solutions from DPA Microphones, which are frequently used and requested by clients. The brand’s 4018 d:facto™ Vocal and 4011 Cardioid Condenser mics are on-hand at the studios, along with the 4055 Kick Drum, 4099 Instrument, 2015 Wide Cardioid and 2012 Compact Cardioid, both as standalones and part of the DPA Drum Miking Kit.