Dutch Artist Pays Tribute on Anniversary of Bob Moog's Death

Marking the 17th anniversary of Bob Moog’s death, the Bob Moog Foundation has shared a poignant reinterpretation of one of the most iconic photos of the synthesizer innovator.

“Every day, I try to seize new opportunities and realize my dreams by looking for people who inspire me to this day. Thank you, Bob Moog, for bringing me the sound of the future,” Dutch digital artist and visual artist Leslie van Berkel said about the project. “Michelle Moog-Koussa has given me her trust to give her father's legacy a second life by displaying her memories in full color.”

In observance of the date of the inventor’s death on August 21, 2005, the organization remembers Bob’s life and legacy with a new serigraph from van Berkel: The artist painstakingly colorized an iconic mid-’70s black-and-white photo of Bob, which the Foundation now offers as a collectable, limited-edition art poster available online. 

A self-described fan of synthesizers and the Bob Moog legacy, van Berkel reached out to Moog-Koussa regarding his desire to pay tribute by undertaking by-hand colorization of a historic photo – with complete dedication to representing colors as they were the day the photo was taken. Together, the two chose what is generally regarded as the most iconic image of Bob Moog ever taken: the inventor striking a stoic pose in the back room of Moog Music, Inc. in Buffalo, NY, arms folded, surrounded by several of the iconic synthesizers he helped create.

The Foundation offers van Berkel’s work as an 18”x 24” collectable screen printed art poster available online. View and purchase the Leslie van Berkel colorized poster here: bit.ly/BobMoogColorizedArtPoster

Leslie van Berkel design website: ivorm.nl/

Bob Moog Foundation website: moogfoundation.org/