Thematic and Laylo Partner for Creator Economy

Thematic, the collaborative music discovery and licensing company empowering creators from beginning to fame, has announced its formal partnership with Laylo, the top drops platform for artists. 

“Partnering with Laylo is an intuitive step in our goals to empower the new middle class of creators with cutting edge resources for their content,” says Stephanie Leyva, Director of Partnerships at Thematic. “We are excited to bring their results-driven drops to our creative community of video creators and music artists, empowering them with additional monetization opportunities and direct-to-fan engagement tools.”

The first stage of the partnership will see Thematic and Laylo activating cross-marketing initiatives across both platforms for the next several months, driving user awareness and engagement.

The partnership was established as one of the co-founders of Laylo, Sajan Sanghvi, was an early Thematic adopter. As an artist in the band, ‘no suits', they connected years ago through their music. After experiencing the value of Thematic's platform first-hand, it became clear that there was a mutually beneficial relationship to be had between Thematic and Laylo. 

Looking forward, the partnership may extend to developing additional features and integrations, depending on the needs and response from the community.  

Thematic and Laylo provide a full-funnel experience for creatives to leverage the specific tools and expertise offered by each platform - driving new fan growth and engagement on Thematic and the ability to instantly notify these fans for every new drop with Laylo. Together, they are furthering their mission to empower the middle class of the creator economy. 

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