Dubset Delivers Previously Unlicensed Remixes To Market

Dubset Media Holdings has launched MixBANK, the first clearance and distribution platform for mix and remix content. MixBANK will deliver high-demand remixes via Apple Music, creating a new royalty stream for the artists whose music was sampled and the DJs who create the remixes. Until now, traditional music services were unable to offer unofficial remix content due to licensing challenges. Dubset has solved that by identifying the copyrighted music used within the mix and clearing the use of that music through the appropriate labels and publishers.

"This [was] a very important day for the music industry," said Stephen White, Dubset CEO. "Until now the major music services could not offer DJ mixes and unofficial remix content on their services. Although DJs were able to sample tracks during live performances, they were not allowed to legally distribute the recordings. Most of this content has lived in the shadows of unlicensed pirate distribution channels with neither the original artist, composer, nor DJ getting compensated for their creative work. We are thrilled to make this amazing new content available on Apple Music, as it will only enhance the listener experience on one of the largest music distribution platforms in the world."

"This is a huge step forward for DJs and dance music culture. Delivering remix content to Apple Music through Dubset is an amazing development," said Tiesto, a DJ magazine top five-ranked DJ and Dubset ambassador. "Dance music fans are the biggest winners here because they will now have access to great remixes on the same platform that they listen to our original tracks."

Remix content has been made available from Dubset with offerings from big DJs.  DJs and content remixers who would like to deliver remixes to Apple Music should visit dubset.com for more information.