Don't Piss Off Your Fans With Bad Social-Media Moves

Daria Musk-ArtistTHE ARTIST Daria Musk is a Google+ Hangouts star with over 3.4 million followers and fans. Her live streaming concerts are marathons that last from six to eight hours. Her innovative approach to social media is so well recognized she’s been tapped to build social media campaigns for Audi, Verizon, Hedwig & the Angry Inch, and MTV’s VMAs. She’s also a spokesperson for a marketing program called “Empowering People. Amplifying Dreams” sponsored by CO-OP Financial Services. (Check her out at and

Why Did You Choose Google+ Hangouts?
It wasn’t a choice––it was a do or die moment. I was doing what every other artist does and it was frustrating. It seemed like social media was a box filled with people I already knew. Then my brother told me about Google+ Hangouts and suggested that I could be one of the first artists on it. So I became a member and decided to do a live concert. I invited my social network fans to check it out.

Why Was It So Successful?
At the time it was like an underground club for tech-geeks and I discovered they love to be entertained. They jumped in and started to help me with new tools and avenues to promote music. It was so exciting, I named them my “G+niuses.” Thanks to them, my career took

Why Are Your Online Concerts So Long?
G+ Hangouts allows 10 people in the room, so I thought I would play 30 minutes tops. But, I noticed other people trying to get in. Whenever someone left a new person arrived, so I just kept playing and talking. After an hour people from all over the world were showing up and it became a 6.5-hour marathon. As a result, I have fans from almost every country in the world.

Do You Use Other Tools and Sites?
I use everything, including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I now embed my live streaming concerts in other places so an unlimited number of people can watch. I also like Soundcloud so my fans can interact with my music. They picked my first single “You Move Me,” and even created a multilingual intro for the song.

How Much Time Do You Spend on Social Media?
I use it throughout the day and integrate it with everything I do. It’s my job now. I feel like I’m blazing a new trail that allows me to be totally independent and make a living as an artist.

Future Plans?
Everything happened so fast. I didn’t even have an album, other than a live online LP and a few singles. So, I’m developing a show about making my first record and inviting fans into the studio with live Hangouts.

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