DJ and Producer KITTENS Launches Her First Female DJ Workshop, "PWR WITH KITTENS"

World renowned DJ and Producer, Lauren Abedini, has partnered with Scratch Academy and Serato to launch her first Female DJ Workshop entitled "PWR WITH KITTENS." The workshop will take place on July 23 in Los Angeles where KITTENS will teach women the fundamentals of becoming a DJ.

PWR’s mission is to empower women with the skills and knowledge to push through a competitive, male dominated industry.

PWR’s founder has pledged to sponsor a 'KITTEN’s Scholar' who will be able to go through full training and graduate from the Scratch Academy following completion of the course.

KITTENS stated in a press release, “There’s a ton of girls that I know who definitely want to learn, but they’re always scared. What better way to provide a safe learning space than to be taught by a woman in a room full of women? So I just put together a course that with real basic, beginner, DJ 101 stuff. But then throughout I go over a lot of stuff about navigating the industry as a woman, issues you face, things that you have to be prepared for how to deal with them.”

To apply for the workshop and more information go to IAMKITTENS.COM/PWR.