DIY Spotlight with Detroit Chanteuse Eliza Neals

Detroit blues-rocker Eliza Neals has, as far as she can remember, been singing for her whole life. She was just 12 years old when she got a copyright on her first song.

“I got discovered by a legend, the late Barrett Strong Jr., then signed to a label but it fell through,” she says. “I got serious when I moved to New York but the bills got bigger so I had to make money and I didn’t want to have a day job so I started E-H Records LLC,” Neals says. “I produced, arranged and wrote flat out blues-rock with Detroit roots, modern blues and a powerhouse live sound.”

Neals describes her sound as, “Stevie Nicks-meets-John Lee Hooker, who serves a hard drink to Mick Jagger as Aretha Franklin from the Blues Brothers is cursing you out of the kitchen.”

The new album, Colorcrimes, is out as of May 24.

“I have 27 people from all over the world in every walk of life on this record,” Neals says. “Every day musicians come together to celebrate their art and create music for everyone to enjoy and heal their souls.”

The Detroit artist says that DIY is all about being your own team.

“It means, get it done no matter what,” she says. “Know every part of the music biz. You are your own lawyer, contract reader, makeup artist, fashion coordinator, songwriter, producer, arranger, keyboardist, publisher, record label, PR agent, bandleader, merch agent, plus more.”

Looking ahead, Neals has plenty planned for 2024.

“Plenty of touring and songwriting on the way,” she says. “I’ve booked a lot of blues festivals, my fifth time, at the Legendary Buddy Guy's Legends. A few collaborations upcoming with some stellar folks soon to be announced. Music festivals in France, Switzerland, Pennsylvania, Florida and more." For more information, visit elizaneals.com.